Lady Du’s mansion and car are amazing


Lady Du’s mansion and car are amazing

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Lady Du has taken to her social media to post an image of her cars revealing that she has paid off all her vehicles. The star has been doing well in the industry for years and she has been able to put all her hard work into her career.

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Lady Du showed off her six cars next to her mansion and she is happy to have paid off everything. Piano bought me a house and 6 cars!!!! I owe nothing on my cars.

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She urges her fellow musicians to save as much as they can and to stop trying to impress people on social media.

“Learn not to do things for social media save as much as you can to better your own life!!! The pressure will leave you with nothing.”

She also adds that she hasn’t touched any of her royalties. “I have not even touched my royalties work smart not hard

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