Lady Zamar does not want your relationship to suffer

Lady Zamar does not want your relationship to suffer

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We often think of social media as the go-to place for just about anything right. But musician Lady Zamar thinks social media is not the ideal place to get advice about personal issues, particularly relationship advice.

The Collide hitmaker has advised her followers on social media that taking what people say on various platforms and using them to guide your relationships, to never do such. Instead, they should turn to the bible when things tend to get nasty.

She argues that social media teaches people that there is a limit when it comes to love, kindness, and understanding. Whereas the Bible teaches that there is no limit, so people should turn to the bible instead. Boldly stating that your relationship is bound to fail if you look to the internet for how to save it. Instead, talk to God.

“Social media teaches limitations on love, kindness, and understanding. It teaches forgiveness isn’t real and if you forgive you will be disrespected. The Bible teaches the exact opposite: love is unconditional, forgive someone as many times as they ask, and never stop being kind!” said Lady Zamar.


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Zamar then turns on her word and offers some relationship advice of her own, “to be in a fulfilling relationship, be with someone who intentionally creates an environment that allows you to openly communicate without fear of rejection, judgment, or misunderstanding.”
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Here’s another fulfilling advice, “relationships need communication.. that doesn’t mean tons of serious conversations means let’s talk about dumb stuff and nonsense, maybe tom and jerry and tell me about your secret desires and freaky Friday fantasies and what stupid stuff you think about.. that’s balance.”

Zamar had decided to lie low for a while after the whole saga with Sjava happened from 2 years back. She has limited her social media interaction to just posting motivational quotes instead.

Here are three most recent powerful quotes from the hitmaker herself:

For someone who minds her business, she sure does get bullied a lot. Last month trolls came for Zamar as they started the debate as to whether she lied about allegedly being raped by Sjava or not.

Explaining her side of her story in an IG live she said, “I never wanted to open a case, but sometimes everything that you do in your power is not enough. Justice has to be served at some point. There is still a case opened, it has not been closed, I have not retracted in any way or form,” she said.

“I was intrigued, I do not remember what he said to me specifically. But the next day I was sent a text message saying, ‘I love you…It wasn’t a relationship, it was nothing intimate, it was conversations, it was meeting up. But it was nothing intimate,” she claimed.

“That morning, we were making out, kissing, he had invited me into his hotel room. We had never been alone together, while this was happening, suddenly this person starts taking off my clothes and he raped me I couldn’t fight because I was in stitches,” she said.