Pics: Lady Zamar is bleaching her skin it’s been noticed

Pics: Lady Zamar is bleaching her skin it’s been noticed

Lady Zamar recently posted pictures of herself on Twitter and people couldn’t help but notice something strange about her hands. She was looking amazing in her beautiful dress. However, someone decided to zoom in on her hands and discovered something that people didn’t expect. Basically, her hands had dark parts. This made people think that Lady Zamar was bleaching. Because she is light in color but her hands were a little bit darker. This made people question whether she was indeed bleaching her skin or not. See her pictures below and people’s reactions as well;
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Yamikani Janet Banda known to most people as Lady Zamar, is a South African singer and songwriter. She was born on the 19th of June in the year 1987. She grew up in Tembisa and her father is Malawian while he mother is South African. Lady Zamar was raised in Mamelodi. She mainly incorporates on house music. In 2019 she was a guest judge on Idols South Africa

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