Lalla Hirayama is angry for not being invited, DSTV left her out of the MVCAs

Lalla Hirayama is angry for not being invited, DSTV left her out of the MVCAs

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Lalla Hirayama is probably one of the most recognizable presenters in South Africa. She has been on DSTV as the host for V-Entertainment. She recently left Massive Music SA, another DSTV show. To say she is an alum would be greatly undermining her efforts.
The idea of her not being invited to a DSTV event seems inconceivable.
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However, this evidently wasn’t enough to grant her entrance to the awards. Her response came after Phil Mphela tweeted his thoughts of the evening and about how many of the people attending weren’t largely known in the mainstream.
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He wrote, “Don’t know how #DStvMVCA looks on screen. But the “blue” carpet looked amazing here and seemed well organised. Great to see celebs having also made an effort with their outfits. One critique; too many randoms here. Where are the actors & talent from Dstv?”

To which Lalla responded, writing, “DSTV alumni and I didn’t even get an invite 🤷🏻‍♀️😂”
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It’s clear that she was bothered by this as she went as far as to tweet about it but one can easily see why. From being a part of DSTV for twelve years to being treated like an outsider. Perhaps there was a reason for this but one would think Lalla would always be invited to events like this

Not just because of her history but because she always has the best looks for these kinds of events. Her style is enviable and it was needed last night to restore a sense of glamour. She ways understand the assignment where that is concerned.
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What do you think? Should Lalla have been invited? Let me know in the comments…💬

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