Lamiez and Dineo sticking together is the best thing you’ll see today

Lamiez and Dineo sticking together is the best thing you’ll see today

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Dineo Ranaka recently broke the internet when a video came to light, where she revealed private things about her life, all while yelling at a man who seems to be her most recent lover. Dj Lamiez Holworthy gave her opinion on the saga, and it has landed her in trouble with Mzansi.

In the viral video of Dineo that has now ruined her public image – she has always kept her personal life private and tightly controls what people know about her – the DJ revealed that she had divorced her husband Klaas Pesha.

The man in the video is called Sechaba Thole, and from context, we can tell that he has been her lover for some time now. Dineo told him that she only used him as a rebound to get over her failed marriage, and bragged about being a much bigger star than he is.

As you can imagine, Mzansi was enraged by the video. They figured that Dineo should not be yelling at a grown man like that, particularly one that she has been intimate with.

But Dj Lamiez saw the video in a different light. She went online to lament the fact that Dineo was secretly filmed, probably by somebody she considers a “friend”, in a very vulnerable state and in the middle of a meltdown. Lamiez wanted to know what kind of friends would do something like that then leak the video.

While it was a fair critique of friendship and an invitation for people to keenly inspect those they keep in their circles, tweeps took the comment as a defense of Ranaka’s behaviour. They immediately descended on Lamiez, asking her how she could watch the video and see a “vulnerable moment” rather than Dineo raining verbal abuse on Sechaba.

Dineo has been called toxic, and everybody who seems to be standing with her after that exposé is being dragged too. Lamiez’s only mistake was to offer a different point of view, and that has put her in the crosshairs.

Some tweeps have taken it a step further, and are now implying that Lamiez’s defense of Dineo is a sign that abusers always stick together. If she can defend such toxicity as “vulnerability, then she is probably also secretly abusive to her husband Khuli Chana, which is why she sees no problem with how Dineo behaved, only with the fact that she was exposed. Well, at least that’s the logic they are using to bash Lamiez.

There has been no proof of any such allegations against Lamiez, though, so drawing the parallels is unfair. However, it seems that social media users are still very displeased that it doesn’t look like Dineo will face any consequences for berating Sechaba like that.

Dineo is yet to make any comments about the whole saga. All of Mzansi will be waiting with bated breath for her response, as this was a rare glimpse into a side of her that we didn’t know existed. Either way, they are wishing Sechaba well, and hope he gets to be in healthier relationships going forward.