Lamiez Holworthy: I am stronger than you can imagine, no one can break me


Lamiez Holworthy: I am stronger than you can imagine, no one can break me

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SEASONED TV and radio presenter, Lamiez Holworthy, who is always being bullied on social media, has spoken up about how social media cannot break her as it did not build her.

“On social media, everything seems perfect. You’d swear I have it all and that I got it easy.Lamiez Holworthy

“The truth is I don’t come from much. I initially wanted to study entertainment law, but life happened. My family lost it all when I was in grade 11,” she shared.

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“My mom got retrenched and couldn’t pay for my studies. Things went from okay to bad overnight.

“My mom is also the one who suggested I try deejaying, because she knew how much I loved music. She could see how frustrated I was sitting at home.”

The Metro FM presenter also spoke about how her mom had to choose between paying the electricity bill or buying her headphones.

Lamiez said: “Twelve years later, my family’s sacrifices to sit in the dark a little longer so that I could pursue my love for music is what pushes me to work as hard as I do.

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“So while it looks easy, none of this came overnight. It took me, with the help of my mom who also manages me, 12 whole years to build.

“All that I am, all that I have, and all that I’ve built is because of this woman.

She continued: “My strength comes from being bullied for being darker than my siblings and being called the nastiest of names by strangers, and even racist family members. My strength comes from working as hard as I did with nothing but a dream.”

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She further said as much as social media is dark, painful and toxic, it cannot break her.

“I hope this reminds anyone out there fighting, that your time will come. Block out the noise and focus on yourself,” she said.

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