Lamiez Holworthy makes time for her little girl to dance with her


Lamiez Holworthy makes time for her little girl to dance with her

Lamiez Holworthy

It is an excellent feeling that we have females that are taking up the space and making a name for themselves. Lamiez Holworthy is one of the celebrities who have a love for fashion and style and she is magnificence. Flawlessness is viewed according to the general public and there is no rejecting that the Mzanzi star is beautiful and sophisticated in most outfits that she wears.

With regard to magnificence, we don’t simply discuss the views however magnificent females as well. Lamiez Holworthy is a prevalently perceived South African entertainer who is a cross-cultured multilingual young adorable female who was born and bred in Pretoria. She was considered on the twelfth June 1992 in Eertserust.

She is popularly recognized to be married to South African Hip Hop famous star, Khuli Chana whose real name is Khunane Module. They tied the knot in 2019 and are still crazy in love with each other. Surely this must be one of your favorite couples in mzanzi as they are absolutely adorable.

Lamiez Holworthy

We regularly realize that everyone has their own definition of style and that is what makes us all different from each other and envision how the world would be exhausting if we love the same thing. There are many attractive female celebrities in South Africa, Lamiez is without a doubt one of the most stunning. Her beauty comes not only from her face and form but also from the kind of person she is.

She is notable for embodying elegant and sophisticated in most outfits that she wears and she managed to turn the heads of her viewers. Her high fashion is superb as she combines and matches different materials and jewelry to create her elegant look. She is a shrewd and impartial female who is a position structure to all youthful individuals reachable to imaginative manifestations outrageous to gather their goals.

Lamiez Holworthy With hourse

She has been in the amusement endeavor for pretty some time now and she is running undeniably challenging to be fruitful. She is a flawless phenomenal female who emanates certainly an extremely humble individual and isn’t hesitant to seek after her dreams to become successful in the future. She is a high-quality fashionista, who in no way fails to affect together with her style feel.

Lamiez is a distinguished South African best female Dj known for jer incredible abilities of Deejaying and Television personality. She is acknowledged for hosting the Sabc music show as Live Amp. The talented Dj and Presenter has won the hearts of people with her deejaying skills and dance moves when performing at gigs, she always do her profession with so much energy and vibe and always keeps her audience grinding on the dance floor.

Lamiez Holworthy

She is moreover a Biker and into greatness. Her excellence is out of the planet and her fans consistently praises her for her magnificence and radiance. She is a flawless female with huge mind in transit to make her world really convincing.

She is one of the most magnificent fashionista and she has been sewn in a variety of staggering stylish outfits in jer timeline. On her recent distribution via online media, she left fans in a confused together along with her flow preview looking incredibly sophisticated.

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