Lamiez Holworthy responds to her haters with an unexpected response

Lamiez Holworthy responds to her haters with an unexpected response

Lamiez is a DJ and media figure from South Africa. Despite having her own clothing line, she is married to Khuli Chana, a well-known actor. After courting and marrying her husband, she did not become renowned. She made a reputation for herself and rose through the corporate ranks.

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She once took to Facebook to post pictures of herself unedited. She did so to inspire women who think celebrities are perfect. She said she wants to show woman that it is okay to show pictures of themselves as they are. She said being a public figure, with many followers means that she can inspire a lot of women who follow her.

Her message was well received, and had women commenting on her pictures with their unfiltered images. It was a wonderful thing to see, women posting pictures of themselves with cellulites, and other things that are seen as not normal by society.

Yesterday, she was again shamed on twitter, for being herself. Someone who thought they had rights to speak negativity decided to post Lamiez’s picture and said that someone should tell her to stop wearing shorts. People did not even wait for Lamiez to respond, they responded on her behalf, and attacked the person who posted that. What would you say to the person who posted this picture.
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She posted a picture today with the response towards those who have been negative towards her. She thanked those who continue to show her love every single day