Lamiez opens up about the place she found to build a house for her 30 kids

Lamiez opens up about the place she found to build a house for her 30 kids

In 2019, she and her husband adopted 30 orphans without any funding or external support beside their immediate family.

“With a dream of always having my own orphanage,I adopted 30 orphans in 2019 and have taken care of them with zero funding and zero sponsors since.”

She has finally found a space to build a home for the orphans.

“I’ve been blessed and lucky enough to finally find a space that we’ve slowly been transforming in to a dream home for my kiddies and can’t tell you just how happy this makes me.”

Lamiez has always shied away from posting about this as she wants to protect the dignity of the children.

“I’ve always shied away from posting about it in order to not only protect the dignity of my kids but also because my giving back has always been a direct way of communicating with God and my ancestors but even this can get hard when you’re doing it alone(with nothing but faith and help from my husband @khulichana01 my mom @imeldak20 and my siblings @lariezhholworthy who manages the place,my brother @lush_thechef and my best friend @olga.phaahla).”

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She is happy a few other people decided to come in and help her out.

“I then realised that I don’t have to walk this journey alone and asked my friends at @bathu_sa to donate brand new school shoes and sneakers and wish you could’ve seen the pure joy on my kiddies faces.”

People in her circle have called her crazy in the past for taking such a big responsibility.

“Many have called me crazy for taking on such a huge responsibility with the state of our country,state of our economy and all that is happening around me(throw in my own stress and responsibilities) but I find comfort in knowing that Modimo Le Badimo Baka would not plant such a big dream in me without giving me the resources to make it happen.”

Lamiez adds that this is only the beginning as there is so much more work that’s needs to be done.

“Is there still a lot of work to be done?! Yea sure but
“Almost 5 years later and we’ve made it this far- the same Gods that made a way then will make a way now.

“Here’s to being even just a little light in a world filled with so much darkness.”

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