Lasizwe Confessed That Somizi Is His Enemy

Lasizwe Confessed That Somizi Is His Enemy

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Ever since South African Youtuber and Influencer, Lasizwe started a new series on his YouTube channel called, ‘Drink or Tell The Truth’, a lot of stuff that a lot of people didn’t know about has kept being revealed one after the other. Also, everytime that this new stuff or information keeps on getting revealed, there more the show becomes popular and have more reviews watching it.

Lasizwe has had a lot of famous people and some of his industry friends come and do the, ‘Drink or Tell The Truth’ challenge with him and this includes the likes of Zodwa Wabantu, Ntando Duma, Mihlali N just to name a few. The series has become quite successful as it has been making numbers in terms of the views that it gets every episode.

Most recently, Lasizwe had a very interesting guest on the show and this guest is someone that has been away from the spotlight for a very long time, so, therefore, it was quite interesting seeing him once again. This guest on the latest episode the series is Da L.E.S who’s a famous rapper here in South Africa. The rapper was interesting to watch as we don’t know much about him, so, therefore, we got to learn some new information about him and some of the scandals that he has been in the past.

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Now, even though the show’s main purpose is to reveal some interesting information about these famous people, they, however, are not the only ones that are at risk of having to reveal something about themselves as Lasizwe is also at risk of this. This is because Lasizwe also participates in the challenge and, therefore, has to also tell the truth or drink.

Well, in this latest episode, Lasizwe revealed that South African media personality, Somizi is his enemy. He said that Somizi is his enemy because Somizi always talks bad about him behind his back, is somehow jealous of him, and doesn’t necessarily wish for the best for him (that is Lasizwe). Apparently, Somizi isn’t a fan of Lasizwe and, therefore, doesn’t favour Lasizwe that much. Lasizwe also revealed that this hurt him very much as he doesn’t why and also because he loves Somizi and considers him as one of his ‘OG’ basically one of his day ones.

When talking about it, you can clearly tell that it doesn’t sit well with Lasizwe but he can’t do anything about it because it is what it is.