Lasizwe Dambuza bae is this rugby player!

Lasizwe Dambuza bae is this rugby player!

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It looks that rumors of the connection between Lasizwe and Wiseman Zitha were barely that, and therefore the reason that the 2 gave U.S. the disport was to shield the identity of the important mister Dambuza. Now, for this small story that we have a tendency to area unit aiming to spin, we’d like the reader to follow U.S. as we have a tendency to lay our case associate degreed it’s up to you to make a decision what’s true and what could be workings on an active journalist that place two-and-two along and probably detected World Health Organization is Lasizwe’s Valentine’s date.

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For months it’s been rumoured that the actor and model, Wiseman Zitha is Lasizwe’s boo-thang. The speculations were fuelled by the video denote by our favourite Swirie on his timeline. Zitha was the prime suspect thanks to the 2 shut relationship circle, however their refusal to post each other. With Lasiwe, we all know that he ne’er passes a chance to trend, however Zitha’s silence we have a tendency to suspect was to continue his quality as he trended following the rumours.

But the video did allow us to in on a number of details that alluded to what sort of men Lasizwe is into, though the person within the video was Zitha. The video disclosed that Lasizwe features a factor for muscular men of the team-melanin cluster and as he has aforementioned himself, men that area unit “straight” presenting. over something that he’s additionally into men that aren’t within the “entertainment” trade.
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So once Swirie hosted his indoor picnic or as he said in his stories umncimbi- a isiZulu term touching on a standard gathering- there was an exact gentleman exposed in stories shared by his friends that Lasizwe created certain he didn’t reveal in any of his stories.

The gathering was attended by Lasizwe’s cherished ones as well as Khanyi Mbau and well-liked radio temperament, Ayanda MVP. all told the stories shared by the family- except Lasizwe- there’s a person sitting on his paw facet in any respect times. the person is dark, muscular, and during a story that was suddenly cut is recommended because the man that’s meant to receive the primary plate of food from the host because the “man” of the house. The rule is customary for wives to grant their partners the primary plate of food as a proof of respect, and since Lasizwe was hosting the event, guess World Health Organization they were referring too
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Well, meet the mystery man World Health Organization is connected with sports star, Hacjivah Chukwunoso Dayimani, World Health Organization is predicated in urban center. bear in mind the urban center trip that Lasizwe took and was according to own been painting the Mother town red along with his bae, and currently we discover out that Dayimani is predicated in Cape Town?