Lasizwe Dambuza celebrated his birthday the Nigerian way

Lasizwe Dambuza celebrated his birthday the Nigerian way

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South African Influencer and Entertainer Thulasizwe Dambuza known to the masses as Lasizwe, Sweerie and BabesWamaLeyvels.

He rose to fame when he started he’s own YouTube Channel and impersonating African acts from around the world. That is when a lot of people began to be fond of him. The 24 year old has since been stuck in the media industry and also made major moves for his career in the entertainment industry.

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Lasizwe was the first South African to have a reality show on the BET channel, the reality show was called Fake it Till You Make it. This is when we were introduced to a different side of him and we got to know him a bit better.

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He has had his fair share of ups and downs in the industry including the time his sister Khanyisile Mbau called him out for lying about buying a house, and recently trying to do good for students and fundraising money for their registrations. He ended up raising R2 Million Rands and social media accused him of allegedly stealing the money and using it for his personal use. He tried proving his innocence but it fell on deaf ears.


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Recently Lasizwe has been making rounds on tabloids about him and Somizi’s ex husband Mohale dating. Almost everyone is aware that Somizi and Lasizwe do not get along and it’s been for years now. Lasizwe addressed the rumors and made it clear that he is not dating Mohale and that they are just friends. Are they though??

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Lasizwe took to his Twitter account yesterday and hinted that at times even family can be very toxic to one another in different ways.

He further explained that he truly understands why some aunties and uncles left home and never returned. His followers truly understood what he was talking about and shared their feelings towards the matter.

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