Lasizwe Dambuza needs a lot of time to get out of grief.

Lasizwe Dambuza needs a lot of time to get out of grief.

Lasizwe Dambuza needs a lot of time to get out of grief.
There is little question that Lasizwe has been browsing the foremost within the past few months, the star hasn’t shied faraway from sharing his feelings together with his followers and pouring his heart out.

Khanyi Mbau and Lasizwe

The star had a Social Media breakdown on the 15th of September and shared with the entire world that he had betrayed himself and been consumed by the celebrity monster.


Judging from a Tweet recently, Lasizwe remains in shock and still can’t believe that his father is really gone. He Tweeted

“You really gone?
Afterwards, he posted a series of Tweets to verify the sad news.

“My last alive parent, my dad has passed on. i’m numb then confused! i’m shattered!! first my mom now my dad! I don’t skills to feel!!! Like how do i say “ My parents are deceased! “ like I don’t haven’t any parents no more. Like they dead!
Lasizwe Dambuza needs a lot of time to get out of grief.
His fans made bound to offer him messages of hope and support.

“Stay Strong dear. I lost both my parents in 2008, as i used to be busy mourning for my mom, my dad was shot n he died till today I’m not OK. So can relate with what u browsing . I always suffer from emotional breakdown frequently God will give u strength to hold On.”

So pitying your loss. Please try stay strong. May God send His Holy Ghost upon you and your family, to offer you strength to urge through this most difficult time.”

The popular YouTube sensation shared via his Instagram Stories that his father had passed on. He and veteran personality, Khanyi Mbau, shared an equivalent father and that they both acknowledged the devastating news while together on a visit together. The personality even Tweeted…

“One of the simplest weekends with my siblings, and now this happens.

His father’s passing has affected him the foremost because he only recently received his acceptance of who he’s . For an extended time, Lasizwe has been battling together with his own identity and acceptance from his father. Before his father’s passing, Lasizwe shared what proportion he was grappling with depression.