Lasizwe goes out live On Instagram from inside the fridge.

Lasizwe goes out live On Instagram from inside the fridge.

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Lasizwe was celebrating seven hundred thousand subscribers at the rockets, he decided to be LIVE on Instagram when he got home. He loves interacting with his fans, every chance he gets. He was apparently a bit tipsy, people believe it is always fun to watch his LIVE.

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People love the drink or tell the truth episode on Lasizwe’s YouTube channel, if you have not seen it, you can visit his channel. He was warming up food when he decided to put the phone in the fridge because the phone was in the fridge. When he closed the fridge door, the fans said it was dark hence they said he left people in the fridge. Lasizwe kept opening and closing the fridge door, people love his personality. He was joking about how load shedding unexpected happens in Sandton, he managed to buy electricity.R4 74


Lasizwe was so surprised to hear what he did yesterday, he could not remember. People also laughed at Khanyi’s performance, she was singing about leaving a man in Dubai. Her lyrics also included “going out like you coming back”, she was also trending becoming her lyrics was allegedly about what she experienced.

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