Lasizwe is now in a mental institution” Pray For him


Lasizwe is now in a mental institution” Pray For him

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Lasizwe is a South African content creator. He is just 22 years old, but has already made a lot of money. He has managed to buy himself a fancy house, and luxurious car. He has had a reality show on MTV, which show cases his day to day life. The show allowed viewers to see what Lasizwe does with his life.

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Lasizwe is also Khanyi Mbau’s half brother. They share a father, and they are also the best of friends. Lasizwe has previously talked about his depression, and expressed how he tried dealing with it. People often think that those who have money do not get depressed. Some don’t understand how someone who is monied can end up being depressed.

Truth of the matter is, your troubles, and worries don’t vanish because you have money. They vanish only when they are dealt with. Lasizwe has in the past left social media to focus on his mental health.

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He again took to Twitter today to announce that he has checked himself into a mental health institution. He said he has not been okay for a while, and that he has been depressed. He has decided to take a stand in dealing with his problems head on. May he come back renewed, and refreshed.

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