Lasizwe shocks his fans because of his recent affiliations

Lasizwe shocks his fans because of his recent affiliations

Internet sensation Lasizwe Dambuza has slammed men for coming back when different public convenience manhood claiming that straight men do not do such.

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The YouTuber shared his views when he announces a snap of himself in a very black and inexperienced bodysuit and long wig that left the web in a very craze.

While several took to Lasizwe’s mentions with remarks of however attractive he looked, others came at him for not having the ability to find his “manhood” beneath the bodysuit.

Feeling that he required to place his haters in their place, Lasizwe took to Twitter and bashed men United Nations agency specializing in different public convenience manhood.

Speaking solely to TshisaLIVE, Lasziwe additional explained that the matter was with men that have a tangle with men United Nations agency have claimed their truth area unitn’t|and are not} afraid to precise United Nations agency they really are in society.

“I have detected this, it has been happening for quite a while and this solely happens after I post a snap wherever I look terribly lovely. You see after I look lovely, they are available Pine Tree State|on behalf of me} as a result of they cannot get to me and acquire my attention to all or any of those prejudiced comments…
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“… wherever they question me, ‘Where’s my manhood, why am I sporting a wig?’ thus I simply see this as a chance on behalf of me to retort and entertain them so they will fulfill their… I do not apprehend perhaps they need this low-keyed factor that they need to fulfill wherever they are saying, ‘Ja, Lasizwe is chatting with me'”.

The social media temperament claimed that “no performing artist talks concerning another man’s manhood, no! it is not like that, like men United Nations agency try this ar up to one thing… they’re low-keyed gay.”

Lasizwe explained that men United Nations agency push their prejudiced narrative on social media we have a tendency tore usually those United Nations agency in-camera raise that “this stays between us” or “whatever we do, stays here as a result of I even have a family at home”.

“It’s usually these ones United Nations agency are low-keyed. And, there is nothing with being low-keyed however do not be prejudiced towards people as a result of we’ll expose your business. simply continue living your life the means you wish to measure it as a result of nobody encompasses a gun to your head thereon you ought to the amendment.

“Just be a respectful low-keyed creature, do not overstep people’s toes.”