Lasizwe was very happy, and possessive, showing off his cute boyfriend

Lasizwe was very happy, and possessive, showing off his cute boyfriend

Lasizwe’s fans were terribly happy for him once he shared pictures and videos of his latest fellow. a great deal of ladies couldn’t pass though his appearance and a few even desire he was their fellow.

Lasizwe was glowing, terribly happy and possessive, showing off his cute fellow. Well sadly for his, the happiness failed to last long and he has simply shared along with his fans that his two minutes relationship failed to last as his fellow song to him.

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Comedian, actor and presenter Lasizwe WHO is additionally Khanyi Mbau’s younger brother recently tweeted that he got nyised by Mjolo.

He was recently crying and unhappy as a result of his beau was heading back to urban center. He was thus unhappy that he even denote concerning it on his Instagram account. several of his followers and fans tried to console him whereas alternatives were confused on why he would cry over him whereas he will raise him to maneuver in with him or relocate in order that they will keep nearer to every other.

Sadly Lasizwe wasted his tears as a result of the person he was crying over, did not leave city, Lasizwe bought tickets for him and he took him to the landing field wherever he was purported to take a plane to urban center. once Lasizwe came back to his place and went out along with his friends, he suddenly met him at Great Dane, a well-liked vacation spot in city.

Lasizwe was thus brokenhearted and so when the posting the tweet, his followers started commenting.

Here area unit the comments below.

@IvynSambo: Man area unit dangerous. doesn’t matter if your a person too…. Stop geological dating man except for currently here could be a goat to welcome you back to “know your worth”

@Thabiso: You bragged an excessive amount of once you had a partner…manje usuzotjsela thina

@Khanyi: Imagine nyised by the person you like telling you that he desires a pair of girlfriends however you may continually be his #1 that point you have got a 4months recent baby….man???
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On a live video chat with Lemmi fruity on Instagram, Lasizwe says that he drops his fellow at the airdrome when he told him he was aiming to Capetowm. Lasizwe then set to travel out along with his friends to Great Dane since he was sorrowful to examine his Xhosa man leave.

To his suprise, once he have to be compelled to Great Dane, his fellow was there, that means he song to him and wasn’t aiming to metropolis. Not solely yhat, Lasizwe set-aside flight tickets for him. The fellow failed to even provide him a proof despite however dismayed Lasizwe was to examine him.

He says he has famous this guy for a year and he has been attempting his luck with Lasizwe for 6 months, and once he finally set to provide him an opportunity, he breaks his heart.

Watch the video here:

Lasizwe is sorrowful and can’t stop crying. His fans tried to comfort him however others weren’t thus sympathetic as they found this humourous.

South Africans may be thus insensitive now and then. Hopefully, Lasizwe can heal, pass on and notice peace. As they are saying, there square measure several fish within the ocean.