Last night Episode Of SkeemSaam: Mantuli apologizes to her kids

Last night Episode Of SkeemSaam: Mantuli apologizes to her kids

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It was one of the most touching episodes. Most of the viewers loved how the story was being portrayed. Mostly of parents, they cannot ask forgiveness from their children. Parents always think that they are always right at all times. Mantuli is one of those parents who were always harsh when it comes to her children. Sometimes as a parent you need to apologize to your children and listen to them. You need to be supportive at all times. Mostly of parents, ended up comparing their children with other children. Mantuli always wanted to compete with Meiki and she forget that Meiki is a businesswoman and her husband is a lecture. Mantuli lost her job and she is only depending on them.
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Zamokuhle was always under pressure because she wanted him to build a double story for her. She forgets that Zamokuhle is the one who is buying food in the house. She was just staying at home doing nothing. Pretty went to University and yet Zamokuhle is the one who has to help out. She has never appreciated her children. She has never accepted her situation.

After the last scandal of Clement, she was too judgemental and they ended up fighting. She was taken to hospital and Clement almost took his life. They decided to have a family meeting and she wanted all her children to tell her how they feel about her. It was an emotional moment because she was finally realizing that she needs to fix herself.

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She almost lost her children because of her behavior towards them. Sthoko told her that she learned to forgive her even though she knows that she will never get an apology from her. She said that she should learn to listen to her children. Even Zamokuhle said the same thing. Clement said he does not have a problem with her, he just wants her to accept him for who he is.