Lawrence leaves acting and returns to presenting

Lawrence leaves acting and returns to presenting

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Lawrence Maleka plays the character of Zolani on The River. He has been a part of the show since its inception. He has a long history in the entertainment world, although not as an actor. As a presenter, he got his start in the entertainment world.

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Until he became an actor on The River, viewers were unaware of this aspect of him. They then observed that he is a multi-talented individual who excels at both acting and presenting. Since joining the River, he hasn’t done anything else. He had solely focused on the show.

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He was apparently set to star in a new Sabc 1 series. As a presenter, he will be hosting the show. The purpose of the show is to assist single people in finding love. It is called ‘Too hot to be single’. Most people are not aware that he was born in 1991, and is only 31 years old, and this is because he has achieved a lot, and has appeared on a number of shows.