Leaked photos from Nelisiwe Sibiya and Mike Ndlangamandla vacation deny the rumors about them

Leaked photos from Nelisiwe Sibiya and Mike Ndlangamandla vacation deny the rumors about them

Rumour has it that Durban Gen actress Nelisiwe Sibiya has scored herself a replacement man.

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The actress and singer, has sparked romance rumors together with her colleague Mike Ndlangamandla, who plays Dr. Lindelani Zulu.

A picture does tell a thousand words, right? These words came flooding within the minds of an array of individuals when Phil Mphela shared pictures of the 2 looking cozy in Cape Town. the 2 were photographed serving major couple goals while having fun poolside, love does certainly live here.

The pictures have set tongues wagging because on-screen they’re known to millions as colleagues. the 2 play a few on the show and it seems their on-screen chemistry is extremely much alive even offscreen. Fans were left stunned a touch but because Nelisiwe plays Mike’s love interest on screen and that they are quite close it comes not as a serious shock.

The two are keeping their relationship covert and that we cannot for them realize the arrogance of beginning to verify their romance. Nelisiswe was previously romantically liked to singer Ayanda Ntanzi, but they called it quits. the 2 really deserve the break somewhere remote and romantic especially after a busy year and with the newest viewership decline of Durban Gen, they have to fix for an excellent year, but we aren’t here for that.

According to entertainment commentator Phil Mphela, in December the medical drama series recorded 1.75 million viewers after it peaked at 2 Million viewers in November. The decline in 300k viewers has raised eyebrows, and weighing in their two cents, viewers of the show commented and said the show is lacking when it involves the medical aspect of the storyline.
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“They got to invest more in medical research coz thus far it’s leaking. Even the set doesn’t appear as if a true hospital. Jozi H seemed like a hospital and had interesting medical cases and a stimulating storyline,” wrote @extrawork101.

In other news, another couple that has been setting the timelines abuzz is Donald and Cici. Their legion of fans are wanting the 2 so far but it seems their dream has come true as they still fuel romance rumors again.

This follows after Donald posted an image of them together looking hella cute on Instagram, and within the caption, he asked his fans to caption the image followed by an emoji of a heart. Fas reacted to the post saying they appear cute together sort of a match made in heaven.