Learn more about the beautiful and charming Kamo Mphela.

Learn more about the beautiful and charming Kamo Mphela.

If you’re a fan of Amapiano, then you’re not a stranger to the name Kamo Mphela. She has literally taken the South African music industry by storm with her electric dance moves and a magical voice to match. The singer cum dancer gained popularity on the internet in 2019 with her bold, captivating, and vibrant dance moves when a video she posted on her social media pages went viral.

And like numerous internet sensations, not many believed she could sustain it. However, she has surpassed the expectations many set for her, becoming a household name featuring on many Amapiano hits over the last two years.

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At 21-years-old, Kamo Mphela is one of the youngest female musicians not only in Amapiano but in the South African music industry. The entertainer is trailblazing a path for many young artists showing glimpses of the passion and energy she brings. And whilst her choreographic talents put her on the big stage and are a staple of her eye-catching performances, in the last year Kamo has blossomed into a singer of note.

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Many were captivated by her featured performances on Busiswa’s SBWL, MFR Souls Amanikiniki which ranked no.1 on South African radio stations, and her numerous performances with the likes of Killer Kau and Nadia Nakai. Wowed by her talents and potential, Major League signed her up to their music label ahead of other players in the industry. And she has justified the move having earned a big-stage nomination for Best Music Video in the MKHM Awards slated for 27th November, 2021.

It was no secret that her musical talents whetted the appetite of Amapiano lovers throughout the continent, and many eagerly anticipated a debut album from the Durban native. Her debut EP, ‘Twentee’ with singles like Nkulunkulu and Mamazala have not disappointed fans. They have only served to put notice that she is here to stay and stake a claim for herself amongst South Africa’s wealth of female talent.
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The iconic dancer, young though she may be, is showing that she has a steady head on her shoulders, securing sponsorship deals to not only bolster her profile but to ensure she has a sustainable and creative career outside of the music industry. She recently scored a Nike blazer sponsorship deal as a brand ambassador showing her the marketability to big brands in the country and globally.

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Not much is known about her personal life outside of the music spotlight, and rumors have recently surfaced about a potential relationship with Andile Mpisane, current chairman of Royal AM football club. Whilst neither of them has come forward to confirm or deny rumors about their alleged relationship, we hope that she’s enjoying the success she has created for herself. Her story has shown a great deal of promise and the South African singer, dubbed the “Queen of Amapiano” is sure to have a massive career ahead of her.
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Born in Durban, Kamo was raised in Mndeni Soweto, and this is where her early dancing career began, influenced by Kwaito, Pantsula and Gqom before charting a path into Amapiano