Learn more about the life of Khelina from Diep City

Learn more about the life of Khelina from Diep City

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Ever since the premiere of the hit Soapie Diep City, Khelina has been one important character of the drama. Not only is she entertaining, but the lady is a serious breath of fresh air from all the typical nosy characters we have gotten to know over the years.

You are probably wondering who is this lady who portrays the character so perfectly? Well below are a few interesting facts about Lebohang Mpyana, AKA Khelina!

Can you guess her age?

This star was born 32 years ago on the 3rd of January 1989. She was born GaMokgokong, Molotjie, a small village in the Limpopo province.

She has a stage name

Lebohang’s talent is complimented by a lively and unforgettable stage name! For all her comedic acts, her fans address her as Queen Sekwatakwata and that is who put her on the map!

After no longer receiving gigs due to the lockdown, the actress started producing comedic content and producing it online. “People would tell me that I’m funny, so, because I was at home and not doing much, I decided to start posting funny videos to distract myself from being depressed about having no work. The first video was posted on 27 April and it trended within 30 minutes,” she reveals.

She is big on social media

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Today, she has over 160000 followers on Tik Tok, over 16000 followers on Instagram, and over 40000 followers on Facebook.

She auditioned for the role over two years ago!

Back in 2019, Lebohang auditioned for the show’s producer Manda N on Instagram during a live video! “Bra Mandla actually enjoyed my audition and told me that he liked me but I waited for him to call me so we can start working together but he didn’t,” revealed the actress.

It was when she was about to lose hope that she was surprised with a call that would change her life! “2019 came to an end and even 2020 came to an end and I had lost hope but because he is a man of his word, in January this year I received a call where I was informed that I have a role on a new show that would be starting on Mzansi Magic in April. That’s how my journey on DiepCity started.”

She is more than just an actor

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Lebohang’s portfolio is quite a colorful one.

“I’m a person that isn’t only focused on just acting, I’m also focused on creating a name for myself in the music industry as well as in comedy.” She says.

She dreams of entertaining an audience on a global scale with her musical and comedic acts.

Lebohang has also tried entering the Idols SA competition, however, she made it as far as the wooden mic segment!

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