Lebo Keswa & Letoya Makhene’s marriage falls apart


Lebo Keswa & Letoya Makhene’s marriage falls apart

According to Sunday World, Letoya Makhene, a television actress and singer, is accused of scalding her spouse, Lebohang Pulumo Keswa, with boiling water, bludgeoning her with an ironing board, and throwing a vase at her. Additionally, she is said to have damaged furniture and burned down the curtains in their marital home in Randfontein.

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Over the course of the past three years, these kinds of instances have taken place three consecutive times.In payment for narcotics, Letoya Ma-khene has also been known to have sexual relations with a married Nigerian drug seller behind Keswa’s entire back.

Keswa dropped some juicy details in an exclusive interview with Sunday World.Keswa cleverly penned a letter to Makhene’s family in February, articulating her rationale for bringing an end to their marital union.In the letter she explained her decision to end their relationship due to Makhene’s involvement in a physical altercation with a Nigerian drug dealer in exchange for drugs.Keswa cleverly mentioned the former Generations: The Legacy thespian also had a fling with a woman of the same persuasion.


Lebo Keswa revealed:

"Letoya Makhene cheated on me on two occasions with a Nigerian man, sleeping with him in exchange for drugs.Two weeks after Letoya cheated with the married man, I told her to leave my house and she came to your home in Tladi (Soweto), only for her to once again cheat with a lesbian woman from your area Keswa also revealed how Makhene attacked her on three different occasions"

“Letoya has destroyed both the homes that we’ve lived in.Breaking windows and burn-ing curtains at my grandmoth-er’s home and breaking furni-ture at our home” Keswa said that after these incidents, they consulted witha medical professional who re-commended that Makhene to go to a mentalinstitution after declaring that she was an alco-holic but she refused.”

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“Letoya Makhene [is] refus-ing to go to a mental in-stitution after a qualified medical practitioner instructed her to go to a mental institu- tion to seek professional help…Keswa also lamented the fi-nancial doldrums she found herself in after Makhene’s family allegedly lied to her, say-ing that the actress was a qual-ified sangoma,” she said.

“When I married Letoya the family made me pay lobo-la for Letoya, her mother, her children, and her dlozis (an-cestors), only to find out [later] that Letoya has not complet-ed her initiation, and this has compromised me financially as I have been subjected to nu-merous encounters in paying
for her to finish her initiation,” she said

Kwesa said that after much intro-spection, she has decided to call it qiits.”After much deliberation with my family , I took the decision that the differences are way too much ( emotionally , financially and physically draining and abusive). The differences are irreconcilable therefore I’m dissolving the marriage, ” she said

Letoya Makhene tried to commit suicide when she overdosed on tablets after her spouse, Lebohang Pulumo Keswa, dumped her.The attempt to take her own life came after Keswa confronted her about allegations of her extramarital affair with a Nigerian drug dealer and a lesbian side chick, according to Sunday World

“I told her I didn’t want the marriage anymore, and that same week she overdosed on tablets and tried to commit suicide. And this is when I took her to the doctor, and he referred her to a psychiatric hospital, and she had agreed at the time to go, and I was making arrangements only for her to later change her mind and say it’s dlozi (ancestors’) stuff she will sort herself out,” Lebohang’s message read.



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