Lebo M says: Nandi cheated on me with a female employee

Lebo M says: Nandi cheated on me with a female employee

Nandi cheated on me with a female employee

According to Lebo M Nandi started to cheat on him back in 2003. The popular producer has alleged that she cheated with a family doctor in Los Angeles in America. He said after the death of their 14 months baby she filed for divorce and started to have extramarital affairs.

He did have a meeting with her. He said it was not right for her to have an affair with the husband of our kid’s doctor, even though we are separated. Lebo M says their kids could witness the man sneaking in at night to Nandi’s bedroom, which was not right.
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In 2005 they were back together as lovers. She wanted to build the family again. However, what disturbed Lebo M is that he found evidence in the e-mails that even though they were back together. He was still having an affair with the doctor.

The divorce was eventually concluded and finalized in 2007. Lebo M says he bought Nandi a house in Feinridge while he stayed at Dainfeirn, after the divorce, they continue their relationship but ended it again after he found more evidence that she was cheating again.

Nandi and lebo m

According to City Press United States of America supreme court in California last week rules against Morake upholding a 2016 ruling by the supreme court, which said that Lego M Must pay Nandi money owed to her since 2007 including 40% on monthly salary from “The lion king project.