Lebo Mashile was attacked for receiving the vaccine without waiting.

Lebo Mashile was attacked for receiving the vaccine without waiting.

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Actress and poet Lebo Mashile isn’t worried about the controversy surrounding her receiving the vaccine.

Lebo was vaccinated on Wednesday, 12 May, at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto and lots of people questioned how she was selected for the campaign.

But she said she didn’t regret her decision.

“First and foremost, I’m a communicator and it’s my role to start such initiatives. Also, I did the campaign free of charge and wasn’t getting to be secretive about it.

“I am conscious of the backlash and that I am not worried about it.

“In fact, I’d do the campaign over and once again. I think such controversy is important because it starts the talk around the vaccine,” said Lebo.

Lebo Mashile
She said she learnt there have been tons of individuals who were still sceptical about the vaccine.

“But the larger problem is access. tons of individuals want to be vaccinated, but can’t access the vaccine. Therefore I feel that causes an uproar.”

Lebo said her wish was for the govt to vaccinate everyone within the country.

“I’m glad I participated during this campaign and that i wish everyone within the country, be it South African or non-South African, are often vaccinated. But thus far I’m pleased with myself.

“The process was explained clearly to me. The staff went out of their thanks to address concerns and any issues.”

She said she’ll look out for any side effects of the vaccine.

“According to the staff, the side effects could include a pharyngitis , sore joints, fever, etc. i used to be told I should visit the hospital if I develop these,” said Lebo.
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Founder and strategist of African Alliance, Tian Johnson, the organisation that appointed Lebo for the campaign, said it had been important for people to be vaccinated.

“Communities have concerns, but also are excited about learning and with the proper evidence-based information, they’re excited about getting vaccinated.

“We’re far behind with the national roll-out and wish to continue calling on the govt to expedite the rollout.”

-daily sun