Leeroy’s wife’s best friend goes on a rant and dishes out shocking secrets

Leeroy’s wife’s best friend goes on a rant and dishes out shocking secrets


For a very long time, people thought Mihlali Ndamase was fooling around with a married man. As their relationship gained more negative publicity, Mihlali and Leroy Sidambe went Instagram official with matching outfits.

Leeroy and Mihlali caused a buzz on social media on Saturday, when they shared pictures of what looked like a traditional wedding. Never mind the fact that Leeroy is still married Maryjane Sidambe and has her as his Instagram profile picture, he and the makeup artist, parade on Instagram with matching outfits.

What amazed many tweeps was the fact that he wore the exact same shirt he wore when he was still with Maryjane and hey had attended an event together.
Mihlali had her outfit designed the exact same way to match with her businessman boo. Back to the ‘traditional wedding’, a close friend of Leeroy’s congratulated the two of them on their union.

However, Mihlali’s friend Bobby Blanco revealed that they had attended a housewarming party. Some attendees wore traditional attire, while others like Kefilwe Mabote wore casual outfits like jeans and jackets.

Maryjane’s friend lashed out at everybody involved including Mihlali, her boyfriend and their so-called friends.

In a heated rant on Instagram stories, Tumi questioned why Leeroy has not signed the divorce papers he was slapped with by Maryjane. She also asked why has he not removed her pictures from his Instagram account.

“I’m so tired of people watching this from a social media lens without knowing the truth. Also, what’s shocking? Going through his old matches with MJ and the doll matched this orange number. I could never want someone’s life so bad.”

She then referred to Mihlali as a dumb woman for being with a man who is still holding on to his wife. “The only thing that’s about to piss me off is how they are going to post my friend’s kids without her consent as one big happy family that’s gonna piss me off. My friend’s kids being posted for social media scores,” she wrote.

She called Mihlali out for being around Maryjane’s kids without her being properly informed or introduced.
She threatened to spill more beans but out of respect for MJ, she said she will withhold some information.

But her rant did not end there, she also called out the so-called friends who play for both sides. “They will know where their bread is buttered. They have no choice but to participate…They did the same thing with Mohale. Corroboration on sordid stuff is their thing,” she wrote.

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