Lehasa is stunned by Khwezikazi’s recent behaviour

Lehasa is stunned by Khwezikazi’s recent behaviour

Khwezi is now trying to make Lehasa a bad father in order to win the whole custody

Lehasa told Pretty about the custody of the baby but Khwezi is already forward about it. She has been distancing herself from Lehasa be ause she wants to make him look like an absent father.

This will work in favour of Khwezi when they start to battle for the custody in court, when the baby is born. Khwezi wants nothing to do with Lehasa because he chose Pretty over Khwezi and their baby. Lehasa needs to act fast if he doesn’t want to lose his child.

At this point Khwezi will do anything to see Lehasa begging her every day. This relationship has never been the viewer’s favourite because there is no chemistry at all. Now they are back into the screens again, many viewers want this storyline to end because it is not entertaining at all. Pretty and Lehasa are the best couple right now.

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