SkeemSaam: Lehasa wakes up and Khwezi will be arrested

SkeemSaam: Lehasa wakes up and Khwezi will be arrested


Subsequent to discovering that her significant other to be can now talk and he needs to see Pretty, Khwezi is plotting a disturbance to ensure Pretty doesn’t come to the emergency clinic. For how long will she battle Pretty? In the event that her better half loves her enough for what reason don’t he dump Pretty everlastingly and center around is family.

Khwezi is presently a pregnant lady, and that pregnancy would represent her assuming Lehasa was as yet incapable to talk. Nobody can feel that a pregnant lady would attempt to kill or mischief the dad of her unborn youngster. Additionally, Khwezi and Lehasa were going to get hitched, and nobody would figure Khwezi can hurt her significant other to be.

Tragically Lehasa is up and appear to be recollecting everything. The most terrible will occur in the event that there are cameras at Lehasa’s home. How about we all continue to check out see what’s straightaway.

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