Despite Khwezikazi’s pregnancy, Lehasa will not leave Pretty

Despite Khwezikazi’s pregnancy, Lehasa will not leave Pretty

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Khwezi is Lehasa Maphosa’s fiancè, she’s a journalist and has been supportive ever since she met him. Probably Lehasa is the only character on Skeem Saam that always gets away with murder. However, this has now come to an end when Khwezi found him cheating on her with Pretty.

Lehasa and Pretty’s fling came to an end when her brother and his friends came to rescue her. Pretty chose to leave Lehasa and go back home but the love birds found a way to each other’s arms. The viewers of the show were excited when this love was rekindled but it ended in tears.

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Usually women don’t attack their man when they find him cheating but choose to fight each other. The writers of the show changed that narrative, Khwezi stabbed Lehasa before dealing with Pretty. It is Pretty’s naiveness that takes the cup,her last experience ended in tears why did she choose to go back.


Clearly Lehasa always puts her life at risk, but this storyline should also be a lesson to young people, always be honest of your whereabouts with your parents. This is probably the first time that the Pretty character delivered exceptional acting skills. Pretty looked scared and went crazy when Khwezi accused her, it was very much believable. Well done to the actors.

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