Lelethu Ntsoane is accused of faking her graduation.

Lelethu Ntsoane is accused of faking her graduation.

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Lelethu Ntsoane, a well-known lifestyle blogger, graduated almost a year ago. Messages of congratulations are coming in from all around the country as her admirers join her in her celebration. With her gown, hat of knowledge, and certificate in hand, she looked gorgeous in her graduation photos. On that particular day, Lelethu’s admirers were left with the impression that she is a beauty with brains.

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According to speculations, Lelethu is not a Nelson Mandela graduate, despite the fact that he spent a year as a graduate in the eyes of the public. According to Twitter user Musa Khawula, the influencer’s graduation gown is not the same as that worn by Nelson Mandela University graduates. Musa went into additional detail regarding why and how Lelethu forged her diploma, shocking her fans.

The influencer wore an Informatics and Design graduation package from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in the graduation images. This is the case because Nelson Mandela University does not have any red hoods (NMU). She’s also wearing a mortarboard that isn’t from Northern Michigan University, which utilizes blue mortarboards.

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Musa is certain in his charge that Lelethu faked her degree over a year ago, as startling as it is. Why would she fake graduation, after all, is a question that many followers have. If Lelethu did actually fabricate her graduation, she is the one who knows everything.

Indeed, supporters couldn’t afford to allow Lelethu much time to respond to such heinous claims. On Twitter, they’ve already begun to smear her. However, a few followers remain skeptical about the charges, allowing possibility for Lelethu to come forward and defend himself.

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Many followers noticed that when Lelethu posted images on Instagram, she never mentioned her degree. “Anointed with the finest oil,” she captioned, and that was the end of it. Until Lelethu and NMU establish that she is not a graduate, it remains an accusation.

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