Lerato and Smangaliso in “Diepcity” test the feelings of viewers.

Lerato and Smangaliso in “Diepcity” test the feelings of viewers.

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Diepcity is a telenovela on Mzansi magic it is broadcasted on weekdays at 20:30 pm. The telenovela follows the lives of four girls who are living double lives. However, they work for Mgedeza played by Mduduzi Shabala also known as Suffocate. Mgedeza is Lerato’s uncle he uses the girls for his criminal activities.
Smangaliso played by Thobani Nzuza, Thobani debuted his career on eHostela as Mndeni. It is a marvel to watch how he portrayed the Mndeni character was outstanding. However, as Smangaliso he excelled just like they say you are as good as your last performance.

Lerato played by Kgaogelo Monama is a slay queen who enjoys a soft life. She is part of the wrong turns. She enjoys dating blessers however Lerato had turned a new leaf since they had started their spares business. She no longer dated men for money.

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At first, it seemed like Smanga wanted to use Lerato to get to her uncle Mgedeza. As he was hired by Godfather to kill Gedi. Smanga then fell in love with Lerato and proposed to her. They had planned to elope and start a new life together but Zola played by Sonia Mbele shot Smanga after finding out he had betrayed them.

However, Smanga didn’t die from the gunshots but ran away from the hospital to save himself from Zola. Smangaliso went to the love of his life to assure her that he wasn’t dead, and they killed their scene.

It was how Smangaliso pulled Lerato and led her inside the shack he was hiding in. How Lerato reacted when she saw the love of her life she thought was missing better yet dead. The chemistry between the two actors is real it is believable. Im sure a lot of viewers shed a tear on this scene. Well done to Thobani and Kgaogelo.

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