Lerato Kganyago is bored about Somizi ‘leaking info’ about the lockdown


Lerato Kganyago is bored about Somizi ‘leaking info’ about the lockdown

Lerato Kganyago has defended her radio co-star Somizi Mhlongo from social media claims that he has the within track on the government’s Covid-19 plans and is spilling it to his friends.

Somizi made headlines in April when he was arrested and released on bail for breaching disaster-management regulations associated with “information dissemination and misinformation”.

This after transport minister Fikile Mbalula laid a charge against Somizi over a viral video of Somizi claiming that Mbalula had apparently told him about an extension to the lockdown before it had been announced by the president. Somizi later apologized and said his comments were meant as a joke.

Since then, social media users have skilled each announcement about the lockdown by questioning whether Somizi knew about it before time.

Lerato saw this first-hand when she joked about the extent of lockdown President Cyril Ramaphosa would announce on Wednesday evening.

A follower skilled her claiming it might be level 5 again by asking, “Did Somizi tell you something?”

Lerato didn’t take kindly to the suggestion and told the follower to go away to her friend alone.

She added that the joke had got “monotonous”.