Lerato Kganyago Lerato decided to take Somizi out for lunch

Lerato Kganyago Lerato decided to take Somizi out for lunch


Lerato Kganyayo is one of the people who has proven that in spite of everything that Somizi is going through, they will always be there for him. These are the kind of friends that we all need, not friends that only come into your life when things are going well for you.Image: iHarare
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Things have not been going well for Somizi these past few weeks. From the time when his estranged husband Mohale Motaung leaked audio exposing Somizi, most of his titles were stripped off, including his title as one of the judges on Idols SA.
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Lerato has been one of those friends who did not turn away and she still stood by Somizi’s side as his friend, which shows that she is indeed a friend that you can count on no matter what situation you are facing.


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Lerato decided to take Somizi out for lunch and it looked like they had so much fun together. Somizi being the Somizi that we all know, had to make a joke out of the situation. He took to his Instagram page to write about the lunch that he had with Lerato.

“Taken to lunch against my will….someone call 911-10111…Clues about the abductor…She has a deep voice Speaks horrible isiZulu, has two puppy brats, eats lots of boiled cabbage, and can’t swim but has pools in all her homes…..that’s all I know for now”, Somizi wrote on his post.

Lerato saw Somizi’s post, and she decides to respond with a sad face emoji and said, “Ngaze ngayisola” (I regret myself). We all know this was a joke and the two really love one another in spite of what Somizi said.

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