Lerato Kganyago never ceases to advise the ladies of Mzansi.


Lerato Kganyago never ceases to advise the ladies of Mzansi.

Social media users are raising their concerns over the speed at which human trafficking has instilled fear in many. Lerato Kganyago who is currently on a baecation with a secret lover has taken some time this morning to post a series of tweets that touch on this example that has affected the livelihoods of both women and youngsters.

Hashtags dedicated to spreading awareness at human trafficking and their hotspots in various cities within the country trended for nearly all weekend on Twitter.

Lerato Kganyago

Lerato Kganyago has taken to her Twitter account to share some advice and tips to women on the way to stay safe. She also expressed her deep concerns as South Africa is on, consistent with her, the “Tier 2 Watch list” for human trafficking. She has also slammed the govt for not doing anything to guard children who are trafficked daily.

“South Africa is taken into account to get on the “Tier 2 Watchlist” for human trafficking. a minimum of 1,000,000 kids has trafficked annually. Our government isn’t doing enough…Believe it or not South Africa has officially become a source country for Human Trafficking and it’s getting worse!” she said expressing concern.

Lerato Kganyago

Lerato who has always lent her voice to social issues, finds it baffling what percentage women have gone missing since lockdown and that they have sadly not been found so far.

“Every hour a toddler or woman goes missing! Some are lucky to flee, most never make it! HUMAN TRAFFICKING IS REAL! Thousands of girls went missing during the lockdown, MOST haven’t been found yet,” she wrote

In this day and age, human traffickers have searched for many other ways to kidnap women and youngsters. The method which has become popular is that the use of Uber and Taxify. we’ve seen tweeps sharing their experience when it involves Uber and Taxify drivers and sometimes times share the small print of those to seem out for.

Lerato Kganyago

The DJ has also made mention of how people should protect themselves when requesting such transport and also what to try to when in clubs to avoid getting your drink spiked, as she says bartenders get paid to try to such.

“Take care of yourselves, let someone know of your whereabouts. once you request an Uber/Taxify take a screenshot of the driver’s details, the plates included. If seated at the rear ensure the doors don’t have a child lock. Otherwise, sit within the front where you’re more visible.

“Ladies on a night out!!! ALWAYS leave in a group. Have fun but drink RESPONSIBLY. DO NOT TAKE DRINKS from strangers! FYI, SOME bar tenders are paid to spike your drinks. If you can, rather buy a sealed drink and open it up yourselves…Buy a bottle of water and THOROUGHLY RINSE the glasses yourselves…. especially in a night club!” she advised.

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