Lerato Kganyakgo And Dj Zinhle are not getting along

Lerato Kganyakgo And Dj Zinhle are not getting along

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Do you guys remember back in 2019 when Lerato Kganyakgo was accused of forcing her way into the friendship of Pearl Thusi and Dj Zinhle, but more especially with DJ Zinhle?

It is no secret that pearl Thusi and dj zinhle are the bestest of friends, the two never shy away from constantly showing each other how much they love one another. Back in 2019 Lerato Kganyakgo was seen getting a little close with the two best friends, however from the look of things, it seemed as though the friendship was one sided.
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Lerato and zinhle maintained that they are still good friends, however it is so strange that after the news that lerato is forcing this friendship thing started circulating, Lerato just distanced herself from dj zinhle. Lerato recently posted a picture on her Instagram and many people were commenting, complimenting her and guess what?

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Dj zinhle was one of the people who were out here showing Lerato Kganyakgo some love. Lerato just chose to reply to all the other comments and appreciating the love but she did one strange thing, she ignored Dj Zinhle’s comment like she doesn’t exist. Now if you maintain that you are still friends with this person why ognore her when she is showing you love on a public platform? No something is definitely fishy here

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