Lerato Mabuza has defended Enhle Mbali on what has happened

Lerato Mabuza has defended Enhle Mbali on what has happened


Lerato Mabuza has defended Enhle Mbali on what has happened and is being attacked on social media comments. She tried her level of strength to defend her, but it was not possible against a lot of people who have been dragging her from the beginning. She had responded that bad things do happen in life even though you were not intending to create them. She has been quiet on the matter, and it may not be a good time to respond.

They were discussing the matter from every angle possible, and after going through all of their comments, you would have learned something. But the matter would not be settled on social media comments; it would be declared in court. With their divorce, there may be more reasons why people would not want to get married to avoid such matters. They are not going through custody of their children, and a divorce will continue to be something to keep children away from both their parents.

In most cases, women get the full rights of taking care of the children and then demanding maintenance from the person who has taken their children away from. As much as it would sound bad and painful, that is what happens all the time. But then the public will have their opinions which remain as opinions. While you are discussing the matter, it may be reported that they are together.

“You were hurt when you spoke to me, and I know that feeling. That is not a feeling I want anyone to go through, which is why I kept silent, Mlotshwa tells Bango. Mlotshwa revealed that she did some research on polygamy and came to an understanding that it needed to be received at home first. She also questions whether the couple had unprotected relationship, which the actress denies, and says that she is an avid condom carrier.”

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