Lerato Marabe speaks on her marital status.

Lerato Marabe speaks on her marital status.

Lerato Marabe, the actress from Skeem Saam, has decided to make clear her marital status. The actress, who plays Pretty Seakamela on the soapie, is said to have married her long-term lover in traditional style in 2021.This comes after the actress uploaded pictures of herself on Instagram stories dressed in what appeared to be a traditional bridal gown.

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Lerato also posted a similar picture but in that image, she wore a blanket over her shoulders which usually symbolises, and is worn in lobola negotiations.

The photo went viral, giving fans the impression that she had been officially off from the market and taken.Since then, she has been thought to be a married woman.However, in an interview with Kutso Seredi on Wake Up on Metro’s MoFlava in November 2022, Lerato dismissed the rumors and clarified her facts.

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The actress revealed that she is not married and neither is she off the market. She claims that people misinterpreted the picture that she shared and assumed she had tied the knot.Lerato revealed that she was dressed the way she was because they were performing a ceremony at her home.

We were performing a ceremony at home last year. So it rained on that day and the blanket I was wearing is my granny’s blanket. So that’s the blanket I remember her with. So I just took a picture and posted it and everyone was like ‘she got married, not even.

She claims that ever since that picture went viral, everywhere she goes, everyone always asks her about her husband.Some fans mention that she might be lying about her status; she is married for real, but she doesn’t want her life to be public. She wants people to continue guessing.

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She once posted a photo of herself with a man enjoying his birthday together. She went on to tell him that she loved him so much. Fans speculated that it was her boyfriend, but the actress clarified that she is single and didn’t want to talk about her love life.

When we see actors interact on TV, we often wish that they were actually dating in real life. It’s a marvel how they manage to keep their private and professional lives separate. We can all agree that a lot of us would have fallen in love with our relationships on screen. But it only serves to highlight their talent.

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