Lerato Kganyago remembers her days with Katlego and what led to their split.

Lerato Kganyago remembers her days with Katlego and what led to their split.

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Lerato Kganyago Past Love
Over the years, Lerato Kganyago has sought to keep her love connections quiet. Despite her position, she has previously revealed information about her lovers. Katlego Mashego, a Bafana Bafana player, was formerly her boyfriend. They dated for four years before getting engaged in 2013.

Their relationship, unfortunately, did not last. Lerato said that she pretended they were still dating for eight months after their breakup because she wanted time to absorb it. Their breakup was amicable, but Lerato later disclosed that she had been “dogged a couple of times,” prompting some to suspect Katlego of cheating on her throughout their relationship.

Lerato hasn’t been seen with a new man in a long time, but she warned her Twitter fans not to think she’s single. She made the remarks in response to a fan who questioned if she had a boyfriend because she usually appeared “lonely” in her social media photos.

“Don’t assume I don’t have cars, homes, families, or girlfriends just because I don’t post about them.” In February 2019, she wrote, “I don’t broadcast my private life, it remains that, private, not a communal project my love, Love ME for me, not what I have.”

Lerato Kganyago Miscarriage

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Lerato Kganyago has spoken openly about her previous miscarriages. On Behind the Story with Pearl Thusi, the radio personality sobbed as she recounted her ordeal. She remembers the moment she learned she had miscarried her child.

“The doctor kept looking for the heartbeat and she was looking everywhere. I remember I was not looking at the monitor… I kept asking her if everything was okay… I won’t lie, at some point, I felt like lesser of a woman. All I want is someone to hold in my arms,” she said.

Lerato expressed her dissatisfaction with her status as a woman. In a separate interview, she stated that she had two miscarriages. “I’ve just mentioned the (most recent) one because it was the one that had the most impact on me.” In a 2017 interview with Real Talk, Lerato revealed, “That was when I really wanted to have a child.” She sought counseling to help her cope with the loss.

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Despite her heartbreak, Lerato remains committed to being a mother one day. She claims she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of adoption. Lerato used her social media skills to spread adoption awareness. Adoption is “not a white thing,” she reminded her Twitter followers in 2017.

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