Lerato Sengadi is still in a court battle


Lerato Sengadi is still in a court battle

Eighteen months since rapper Jabulani “HHP” Tsambo died, his wife Lerato Sengadi is still in a court battle with the Tsambo family over her status as the wife – according to customary law – of the late rapper. Talking to Eusebius McKaiser on 702, Sengadi poured her heart out about dealing with HHP’s death and fighting for her rights.

“My husband was sick – he had a mental illness and he died as a result of the mental illness. The way in which it took him was through suicide,” she said. In everything that has been said about me – this is my first time ever talking about any of this stuff – no one has been honest enough to say that he committed suicide, [they keep saying] ‘It’s alleged’. It’s not alleged – that is what happened as a result of mental illness.

Lerato Sengadi and HHP

“We should be able to have that conversation honestly, because these are things that happen all the time. We can’t be scared to say this person had depression.” The publicist explained that therapy has saved her life, adding that the reason why she had moved out of their marital home was that HHP was unwilling to take care of the mental illness he was suffering from. Sengadi also expressed her exhaustion over the ongoing case. She’s waiting for the Supreme Court of Appeal’s verdict, after the matter was heard on March 6.

“It’s emotionally, spiritually, physically draining. It’s been a very painful 18 months wherein I’ve had to deal with legal issues, when I’m supposed to be trying to grieve and figure out what my life looks like without the love of my life, my best friend – someone I had planned a whole future with.

“I’ve had to put that healing on a back burner in order to focus on getting my rights as his wife. Commenting on the case, Tsambo family spokesperson Nkululeko Ncana told TshisaLIVE that the family trusted that the judges would deliver a just and fair decision.

Lerato Sengadi

“The SCA has reserved judgment. The SCA bench heard arguments related to the matter. We are indebted to our courts and trust that the honourable judges will deliver a just and fair decision,” he said.