Lerease Leeuw passed away after filming the episode: Date My Family


Lerease Leeuw passed away after filming the episode

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This week on Date My Family we met Tumisang who wanted to meet a potential love match. But we also met Lerease Leeuw whose family provided little to do with her life. It seems cryptic now that the show announced her passing just before the episode aired.

Lerease’s family provided a funny moment on Sunday when one of her friends, Tarrin, was relentlessly chewing on a chicken bone. It was clear she wanted to get to the marrow inside of the bones if there weren’t any cameras around. It was a welcome reprieve from the first two dates that had been equally awkward for varying reasons.

Tumisang didn’t end up choosing Lerease, instead he chose Stephanie who was clearly in love with her male bestie. People on social media kept saying they wanted Tumisang to pick Lerease but her family was too guarded. However once people realised she was gone, the out pour of love came streaming in.

Social Media Response

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One user wrote, “Guys Lerease passed in 2021 😞 #DateMyFamily” In the comments section of the tweet, a woman who claimed to be a family wrote that it was true. User @Curvymodelsa wrote, “Yes it’s real we buried her in December… She is a family member of mine.”

While more condolences came in, one user wrote, “#DateMyFamily so Lerease passed away 😥

May her soul rest in peace🕊🕊”

Personal Thoughts
Lerease was a very beautiful woman and its unfortunate that at only 33 years old her life was snuffed out. We are still in a pandemic and I can’t help but wonder if it was covid related. However that isn’t the important part here. She left behind a little boy who was six at the time of filming and one can only hope he will still be well looked after.

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