Finally, Lesego Tlhabi finds clothes that are not overweight

Finally, Lesego Tlhabi finds clothes that are not overweight

Lesego, higher called Coconut Kelz, same she was left holding back her tears as a result of Quiteria’s comments created her feel she had no worth.

Opening up concerning the ordeal on Twitter on a weekday, twenty-four Feb, Lesego same she visited a matching for a television program she was shooting and also the garments provided by Quiteria didn’t fit, despite having given him her size beforehand.

She same he told her she’d seem like a fatty boom boom within the garments.

“This is why fatphobia is thus completely different to different shaming,” she wrote.

“I was created to desire but nothing these days owing to my body.

“My body isn’t adequate for his dresses & he let that s**t be best-known.

“He very could’ve same that to the stylist on the phone.”

At first, Lesego didn’t need to mention UN agency the designer was however later modified her mind.

“Actually, nah! It’s Quiteria. What happens from there’s on top of Maine. it absolutely was s**t, s**t, s**t,” she wrote.

“If I lose this chance, I lose it. I’ll ne’er ever wear one thing from there. And it absolutely was ‘Q’ himself.”

Quiteria went live to tell the tale Instagram on weekday and denied career Lesego fatty boom boom. He told the SunTeam he didn’t body shame her.

“I didn’t decision her fat. I didn’t decision anybody fatty boom boom, thus I won’t apologize,” he said.

“I’d like my legal team to type this out. My name is being dragged and it’s thus unhappy.

“I don’t perceive why she’d say this. I don’t understand whether or not it’s jealousy or what.”

He same he didn’t have a speech communication with Lesego as a result of he didn’t understand her.

“There was no approach I might have body-shamed her,” he said.

“There were heaps of individuals within the store, as well as a stylist and wardrobe manager. I didn’t speak together with her in the least. the problem was that the crack were a {small amount} small.”

They apparently met on Th, twenty five Feb however he wouldn’t say what the meeting was concerning.

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