Letoya is a sangoma and Lebo does not believe in her calling but respects her.

Letoya is a sangoma and Lebo does not believe in her calling but respects her.

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Lebo Keswa and Letoya Makhene recently got married during a lavish traditional wedding. Although the pair are head over heels in love with one another , they are doing not share certain beliefs. Letoya may be a sangoma and Lebo doesn’t believe her calling but respects her. We guess the foremost important thing during a relationship is respect. you’ll comply with disagree but you can’t disrespect and have things compute .

Letoya Makhene

In a Facebook interaction earlier this year by Linda Ande Yende where she posed the question: “What made you think that witchcraft truly exists?”, Lebo responded that “ Ai Nna I still don’t believe witchcraft.

A follower by the name of Neo Phepheng commented on Lebo’s response and said “they can bewitch you to not believe that it does exists then ba go nyese freely”.

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Lebo then laughingly responded “Ke jola le le sangoma, o Tla ba loya.”

Neo then said “then it means ga o dumele gore mothu wa gago wa fodisa” meaning (it means you are doing not believe that your person has healing powers).

Lebo responded by saying “ Bathong Neo, I support everything she does but I don’t need to have an equivalent beliefs as her.” See the Facebook post here.

Lebo is true and has clearly mastered the Dos and Don’ts of relationships. She knows that she cannot change Letoya for who and what she is but she loves her the way she is.

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The homosexual couple took their romance to subsequent level after the businesswoman proposed to Letoya in October. Lebo got down on one knee after a hot air balloon ride once they landed.

Letoya Makhene

“Letoya, will you marry me?” read a billboard printed in big, bold, white letters. Letoya struggled to fight back tears as she said, “yes!”. Their wedding happened this month at Moletsane Sports Complex and it had been attended by those that are on the brink of the couple. The festivities began at Letoya’s range in Soweto where they held a ceremony in preparation for the normal wedding for his or her ancestors to bled the union.