Letoya Makhene and businesswoman Lebohang Keswa are engaged

Letoya Makhene and businesswoman Lebohang Keswa are engaged

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2020 wasn’t all doom and gloom, it also brought love for Letoya Makhene.

The former Generations: The Legacy actress and musician’s sexual love dominated the headlines this year as she took fans on her journey with partner Lebohang Keswa.

The couple’s relationship was a point on social media from the instant it had been revealed in April, but the pair have hit back at the criticism with loved-up snaps.

Here may be a timeline of their love in 2020:

Letoya finds love

The actress had spoken before, on Enhle Mbali’s sincerely chat show , of allegedly being physically, mentally and emotionally abused by a former partner, recounting how it led to her losing her voice and confidence.

She revealed that the dent to her confidence was so severe that she struggled to seem people within the eye.

But she was on bliss and brimming confidently when she announced in April that she had found love again.

Taking to social media, after Sunday World reported that she was dating Lebo, she confirmed their relationship.

“Well, it had been only a matter of your time before the planet acknowledged about us Lebo Keswa. Here’s to our beautiful future together, my love,” Letoya said.

Lebohang also tweeted one among the sweetest messages to her partner.

“What each day this has been my love. Letoya Makhene, I’m during a peaceful place. Being with you actually makes me feel peaceful and content. i actually don’t want to listen to what people need to say. the sole thing that matters to me immediately is you … it’s us,” she said on Twitter.
Her father’s blessing

The star later revealed that the romance had her father’s blessing.

“You skills much I’ve addressed in my journey through life, daddy. what percentage times i have been told to repent and forsake my ancestors — for hell surely awaits me. Now — as we predicted — an equivalent people are telling me once more that hell awaits me because I’ve finally found everything that I’ve ever prayed for during a lifelong partner.

“Thank you daddy for the blessing you gave us. Yours and God’s is that the only blessing that matters,” Letoya wrote in an letter addressed to Blondie Makhene.
Best lockdown partner yet!

The Covid-19 pandemic brought a nationwide lockdown, but the pair weren’t worried because they were locked down together.


“She’s great in bed”

The couple faced criticism on social media and in September finally hit back hard.

In response to all or any the questions on why she chose Lebo, Letoya said she was “great in bed”.

“Let’s just get this out of the way once and for all please, and hopefully I won’t be asked this question again. to all or any the lads who keep asking me why her? What do I see in her? Nywe nywe nywe … here’s my answer … she’s great in bed,” she wrote on social media.

Letoya says yes

The couple announced their engagement in October, posting a video of Lebo popping the question on a romantic getaway.

After enjoying a balloon ride, the pair landed to an enormous poster reading “Letoya, will you marry me?” in big, bold, white letters.

Letoya was shocked initially but quickly said “yes”.

Lobola negotiations

Lebo also had to urge the approval of Letoya’s dad and uncles and took to Instagram to share how the lobola negotiations went.

“This is my uncle and he’s one among two remaining eldest uncles we’ve within the family. On today I had asked him for a gathering and told him i would like to urge married. I even have never been this interrogated in my life. My uncle may be a retired teacher and one among the sharpest men i do know . Just imagine me trying to elucidate to him that i would like to marry another woman.

“He learnt tons about sexuality and my choices in life. He said he’s only ever seen this stuff on TV but now it had been very on the brink of home and he embraces it. He’s a really loving and understanding man, therefore the meeting went alright ,” she said, posting an image of her uncle.

She also posted an image of Blondie, saying she had promised to try to to the proper thing by Letoya and therefore the Makhene family, and was proud to mention that she was now one step closer to marrying Letoya.

Letoya also shared a couple of snaps of herself during a traditional dress and explained that every week after Lebo popped the question, her bae’s family came to start out lobola negotiations.