Letoya Makhene: People have chosen to judge me #IDidItMyWay

Letoya Makhene: People have chosen to judge me

Letoya Makhene

Letoya Makhene has spilled the tea on the problem she has faced in life.

The star recently got married to the love of her life, Lebo Keswa and for her, it’s a dream come true.

Taking to Instagram, Letoya said despite the years of judgment and pointing fingers, she has chosen to measure her truth and love who she loves, wifey Lebo Keswa.

“People have chosen to guage me because I even have chosen to measure my life my way. people that have absolutely no understanding of even their own journey and where it’s taking them have chosen to play God and point fingers at me.

“Well, I even have chosen to follow my heart and sometimes I even have made bad choices. But in everything I’ve done, I’ve always been faithful myself. I’ve always lived in my truth,” Letoya wrote.

Adding thereto , Letoya revealed that a lot of warned her about her relationship stating it’d ruin her career but she stood her ground.

“I met a tremendous yet complicated woman along my journey of life. i used to be told by many this is able to ruin my career and it should never begin . i attempted to imagine myself during this ‘secret relationship’ and therefore the complexities of not having the ability to freely be me and to proudly love this amazing soul by my side.

“Gosh, just imagining this huge ‘secret’ literally sent my body into a state of heaviness. I knew immediately that harbouring such a secret would do me more of an injustice than simply living in my truth. I defied everyone around me,” said Letoya.

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