Let’s celebrate Kefilwe Mabote’s birthday in her own way


Let’s celebrate Kefilwe Mabote’s birthday in her own way

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Kefilwe Mabote’s lifestyle screams luxury, and her birthday celebrations over the weekend lived up to her influencer image. The social media influencer celebrated her 33rd birthday in style on Sunday, and her fans were impressed by the videos and pictures shared on Instagram. The birthday girl went from rolling up at the club in a luxurious convoy with her girlfriends and sister.
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Kefilwe Mabote took to her Instagram page to share a video of the cars her birthday entourage pulled up with at Konka. There were Porsches, G Wagons and Range Rovers, and the video started at a filling station; they left for the club, and even though it was raining, the group managed to make an entrance. Her friends are a group of businesswomen and other influencers like Lisa Magwebu, Natalie Hlahla, Nazir, and Buta Dada.

The day started with the ladies meeting up before going to Konka and starting the celebrations by popping champagne. They then left for Konka in Soweto and partied up a storm for the rest of the night with bottle service. Black Coffee was performing at the club after his Grammy Award win last week, and the club was packed with people. Skeem Saam actress Amanda du-Pont was one of the hostesses for the night.
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The blogger has been making headlines a lot lately with her success. This past week she took to her Instagram stories to put her exes who talked behind her back, claiming to have made her rich. She spoke openly about how some repossessed their gifts after breaking up. On her 33rd birthday, she celebrated making it independently with her resilience.

The single mother of two boys has shared the struggles she has gone through with her fans. She went through public ridicule when her cars were taken after her ex went under investigation. However, she started her real estate company and built herself a double-story house recently.

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