Let’s hope singer Lira recovers from the stroke


Let’s hope singer Lira recovers from the stroke

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In a statement shared, Lira’s family said the singer had travelled to Germany for a performance but suffered a stroke that has affected her ability to communicate.

“As Lira’s family, we would like to take this opportunity to share some recent developments regarding Lira’s health. Lira recently travelled to Germany for a performance but unfortunately suffered a stroke while there. As a result, her ability to communicate, in particular her speech, has been affected.” r

Tweeps have been sending prayers and well wishes to the star, who the family said is undergoing treatment.

Broadcaster Spitch Nzawumbi took to his Twitter timeline to urge people to pray for Lira, who he said was one of the kindest people in showbiz.

“Lira is one of the kindest people I’ve ever come across in the entertainment industry. We can disagree on a lot of things but not on her work ethic and how seriously she takes her craft. News about her health is devastating. I challenge all believers to #PrayForLira. Siyema,” he wrote.

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Lira’s family said the star was in high spirits. They also thanked Lira’s fans and people who had sent prayers and well-wishes.

“We thank you all in advance for your prayers, support, kindness and utmost sensitivity and consideration during this very challenging time in her life.”

Seasoned broadcaster Penny Lebyane shared Bible verses and prayers, guiding tweeps on the prayers they can use to lift up the award-winning songstress.

“Some #PrayersForLira you can pray aloud and you can light a candle. Awhite candle is all inclusive. If you are feeling overwhelmed just pray aloud in any language. Praying for others is also healing for us. So let’s pray together,” she tweeted.

Here are some of the well wishes:

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