Let’s pray for Inno Morolong to get well soon


Let’s pray for Inno Morolong to get well soon

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Inno Morolong, the Influencer and Diamond & Dolls personality was travelling from Joburg to Welkom, Free State, on Saturday, 7 May, when the accident occurred.

“On Saturday, driving to see my family. I was 30 minutes away from home and there was a pothole I was trying to avoid, and I lost control of the car. It flew on the side of the road, went over a fence and I heard a loud sound. It was the air bag going off. There was so much fire that I couldn’t see. Everything was blurry,” she said.

Inno said she almost got burnt together with the car, but that did not happen because of a Good Samaritan who helped her.

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“I was bleeding. I just looked for the unlock button and managed to unlock the car. I saw my phone and grabbed it. A white lady helped me get out of the car, which was already on fire. Luckily, I didn’t burn,” she said.

“All my belongings were inside – my travelling bags and gifts for my family, which all burnt down.

My designer bags, clothes, and shoes – everything burnt into ashes,” said Inno.

She was rushed to the hospital, but she has been discharged and is recovering at home.

Inno Morolong

“My head was injured and my left eye is swollen. Both my hands are badly bruised. My mum is taking care of me,” she said.

Inno said her boyfriend would be buying her another car.

“The car that burnt down was worth R1,5 million, of which my boyfriend got for me. But it’s fine because my man said he would get me another one. I thank God for life,” she said.

Diamond & Dolls starts filming its second season this month, and the reality personality will be part of the show.

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