BBMzansi: Libo and Mpho seemed closer. But in an unexpected turn


BBMzansi: Libo and Mpho seemed closer. But in an unexpected turn


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The Big Brother House took a turn for the romantic this week and its been like Biggie is the cupid of century with his match making skills. It looked to be working as controversial “ship,” Libo and Mpho seemed closer. But in an unexpected turn, Nale and Tulz as well.
He may have been keen, but she wasn’t changing her mind at all.

After asking her to be his date, they took to the dance floor where Nale, ever the tall and elegant lady, was embracing him closely, but not without having her wits about her. She knows the game she came to play and has put him right back where he belongs. I have to admit being relieved as he is one of the people who always seem to bad mouth the model.

The girls don’t exist to be decorations for the men in the house. To me, Tulz wants an earring to adorn him and make him look better without anything of substance to offer. He is two-faced and a lot of that stems from being a control freak in the house. He wants to feel in charge and Nale takes all of that from him, effortlessly.
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Social Media Response
Nale’s fans the Alphas were ready for Tulz’ tactics and took to their accounts to discuss what they believe will happen after this recent rejection.

One user wrote, “Nale frienzoned Tulz again…Alphas lets get ready for more accusations this week #BBMzansi”

While one intuitive user wrote, “Nale and Tulz look all cute and all, but what he has been saying about her behind her back can’t be erased. #BBMzansi” Obviously referring to how Tulz has unashamedly been talking about Nale and discrediting her character.

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One final user wrote, “What is this I hear😃😃Nale friendzoned Tulz again..I’m happy 😊 Yoh thank you God .He really thought he was going to get it vandag (today) but Nale’s angel came thru #NalediMogadime #BBMzansi”

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