Linda Mtoba: Real life is different from Sushial Media.

Linda Mtoba: Real life is different from Sushial Media.

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In a thread on Twitter, the Stat had a reminder for fans that all that glitters isn’t gold in the social media world. She said that what people post online isn’t necessarily a reflection of real life.

“We get consumed with what we see on IG that we think it’s a real representation of the life and the lives people lead. When in actual fact not many afford the many things we take for granted,” said Linda.

A male friend responded that, “Let me pin? this tweet on my account……..Someone might need this wisdom more than anything♥️”

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Females fans were also touched by Linda’s tweet. Queen S Tloubatla responded that, “I keep telling my siblings this. Social media will make you feel like you are useless cause people are posting things and you feel like you are nothing cause you can’t afford such a life”.

Kaponya Brown commented, “Thanks for putting this succinctly, IG can trigger areas in you that you feel you lack by way of success. Make sure you’re doing the things you need to in your reality in order to not get lost in the sea of imagery. When we ain’t stable within, we are more susceptible to illusions”.

The river star further outlined that, “Reality is not everyone has a LV bag or Dior shoe or Hermès bag in the way IG will make it seem that’s a very teeny tiny percentage of the world. And it’s ok to not have those things. Take the all the time you need”.

Linda also stated that, “Look around you and do a really assessment, how many people do you know who actually have those things?

Are we so detached from reality?”

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In her closing statement Linda admitted that, “I live designer items I won’t lie, but not many people I even know have those things. So it’s not an actual reflection of those around me in the sense that IG has made it seem”.

“I hate the new algorithm cause it only force feeds me luxury, I miss posts from people I know in real life. From people I see what I go to the shops from everyday people. I miss it” Linda said.