Linda Sebezo is relying on her mom’s pension money

Linda Sebezo is relying on her mom’s pension money

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Linda Sebezo is distraught because of her current financial status that has had a hard knock due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Isibaya actress spoke to TshisaLive about her struggles and how she is struggling with paying her bills.

Two months ago the actress spoke about her struggles due to the lockdown and how she had hoped the government would assist all artists with the COVID-19 relief fund.

“I just received an email that my application to the Basa relief fund has been declined because they have reached capacity. I ask again, sizolithaphi ke usizo?…I have to rely on my mother’s pension to put food on the table, such a sad reality,” she said in a Facebook post

Now the actress told the publication how difficult it was to make ends meet as she could not even afford a loaf of bread.
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As a call actress she works different jobs to be able to come up with R40 000 for her monthly expenses such as bonds, her daughter’s school fees and car payments.

“On the other hand I had to pay fees for my daughter who attends a private institution and I didn’t have money to pay for her then.

“I work hard every month to raise R40 000 to pay my bond, car, and school fees. All of a sudden everything got stuck. My heart was very heavy when I saw my mom buying bread for us,” she opened up.